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Protect your pets Know More About This Is Interesting

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Protect your pets Know More About This Is Interesting

The good weather arrives and we all know how much dogs and cats like to lie down to receive the first rays of the sun. The image of our pet lying down looking for the warmest place in the house, especially in the case of cats, is something common when the weather starts to shine, but we must be careful because the sun also has risks for our skin. friends.

The most delicate areas
Although the hair greatly protects the skin of dogs and cats, there are areas that are much more exposed, such as the snout, the eye area or the ears. And, although it may seem strange to you, they can suffer from sunburn and can get skin cancer over the years. Know more about francuski buldog.

This is especially risky for white cats and dogs since, like humans, the lighter an animal is, the less melanin it produces and therefore the more sensitive it is to sunburn.

Replica Handbags White cats with clear snouts are clear candidates for cancers in that area of ​​their face, which can even be fatal.

To avoid this, it is best to buy a protective cream specially designed for these animals and put it on during the hours of greatest incidence of sun or omega replicas when they go out for their daily walk. In the specialized store they will give you the most suitable cream for your pet and they will explain how you should use it.

Heat strokes
Of course, with the arrival of good weather, we must remember again that animals must always have fresh water at their disposal. Of course, they should not be left in a car in hot weather under any circumstances because they could easily die.

If you have to travel with dogs or cats you will have to stop every two hours to refresh them and offer them water. It may even be a good idea to have a travel water bottle inside the carrier they go in the vehicle.

Putting fountains at home for cats or small dogs is a great idea because it invites them to drink, especially cats that are usually more reluctant to drink water. Remember that animals also suffer from sunstroke, even cats, so in the hottest hours it is better to close the curtains.

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