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How To Go To Dubai Airport Terminal 2 By Metro

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How To Go To Dubai Airport Terminal 2 By Metro

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has 3 terminals, with Terminal 2 used by over 50 airlines for their flight operations. Luckily, Dubai’s metro rail network offers convenient connectivity to Terminal 2 via Airport Free Zone metro station.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get to Dubai Airport’s Terminal 2 by metro trains:

Step 1: Get to the Nearest Metro Station

To begin, head over to any of Dubai Metro’s 49 stations close to your location. Major red line stations like BurJuman, Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Center also connect with the green line. If far from metro, take a bus, cab or tram to reach the nearest station. Know more about Dubai map metro.

Step 2: Purchase Your Nol Travel Card

Standard Nol tickets for a single metro trip cost 7-8 AED. They can be purchased from self-service machines or ticket windows available in every metro station. For multiple trips, consider a reusable Nol card or 1-day pass. Cash and credit/debit cards are both accepted.

Step 3: Board the Metro Train on the Red Line towards Rashidiya

You need to ride the red line heading all the way towards Rashidiya metro station to get to the airport. Clearly visible signs mark the train direction. During peak times, expect some crowding given trains arrive every 7-10 minutes only.

Step 4: Disembark at Airport Free Zone Station for Terminal 2

After around 35 minutes, get ready to exit as the metro arrives at Airport Free Zone station – the designated stop to access airport terminals. Loud announcements also remind that airport Terminal 2 and 3 are accessible from this station.

Step 5: Follow Signs to Board the Connector Train to Terminal 2

Leaving the metro station, walk a short distance and board the free shuttle connector trains to airport terminals. Go to platforms for train shuttles marked as going specifically to Terminal 2 for your destination. These arrive every 2-4 minutes typically.

Step 6: Walk to Terminal 2 Entrance from Disembarking Point

The connector shuttle drops off passengers right inside the spacious Terminal 2 building itself near gates. As you exit, airport signboards overhead direct you a short walk ahead to Terminal 2 baggage belts, check-ins and other sections from your disembarking point.

In total, the metro commute takes only 40-45 minutes from central Dubai to directly access Terminal 2 by combined train and shuttle service. With easy connections, using Dubai’s transit network proves an efficient airport trip!

Helpful Tips for Navigating Terminal 2

Do keep the below additional pointers in mind for a smooth airport experience:

  • Have your flight boarding pass and passport prepped for faster security and immigration clearance
  • Arrive early to allow time for formalities, baggage check-in and locating your gate
  • Pack liquids & electronics appropriately or delays can happen at hand luggage inspection
  • Connect to ‘DXB Free WiFi’ for flight updates if facing a delay
  • Download your airline app for real-time notifications like gate changes & boarding
  • Carry some food & water given long walks between terminal gates and limited budget options
  • Be attentive to overhead signboards and display screens guiding you inside Terminals
  • If arriving – use metro red line from Airport Free Zone to continue into Dubai city

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries people have about using metro to reach Dubai International Airport Terminal 2:

How much is a Dubai metro pass for one day? Is it valid to the airport?

A 1-day unlimited travel metro pass costs 20 AED. It allows you to take unlimited rides including trips to the airport metro stations. A regular one-way ticket costs 7-8 AED in comparison for single ride.

Does the Dubai metro operate 24/7 hours?

Yes, Dubai metro provides round-the-clock train service everyday at an interval of 20 minutes after midnight. Airport metro line runs all day and night given flights arrivals and departures at odd hours.

Do I need to pre-book Dubai metro airport tickets?

No prebooking is required for regular metro tickets. You can directly buy Nol cards at self-service machines once you arrive at the nearest metro station heading to the airport.

Which stop on Dubai metro is closest to Terminal 2?

The Airport Free Zone metro station on the red line is the closest and only station giving connectivity to Terminal 2. Free shuttle connector trains take you right inside T2 from the metro point.

How far is Terminal 2 from Dubai Airport Free Zone metro station?

Airport Free Zone metro station leading to Termial 2 entry/exit is mere minutes away. Airport connector trains available outside airport metro station take only 2 minutes to reach Terminal 2.


Using Dubai’s convenient metro rail network makes getting to Terminal 2 simple, economical and efficient. With regular train intervals day and night, the transit system minimizes commute hassle to the airport. So next time ditch that rideshare and take the metro for maximum convenience!