May 16, 2024


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Fall in love with your learning process again

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Fall in love with your learning process again

Fall in love with your learning again.

Falling in love is an emotional state in which one person feels powerfully attracted to another. In times of Covid-19 it is difficult for you to feel that attraction to your studies again, but not impossible.

In this post we want to explain why it is so important that you fall in love with your learning again:

The results of the latest research on neuroeducation tell us that the cognitive and emotional components in the person are inseparable, and that both are fundamental in our learning process.

Where does the word EMOTION come from?

E= ENERGY + MOTION (MOVE). That is, emotion is the movement of our energy. It is a response of our body to the stimuli we receive. It is a neurophysiological, unconscious and involuntary reaction.

One of the references in neuroeducation, Francisco Mora, tells us that “The brain only learns if there is emotion”, but what happens when those emotions are altered by a global pandemic? Check out more articles on our stie SM Blog.

We leave you an infographic that will help you find emotional adaptability through a previous reflection based on the question: How do you feel? And from there, build positively, validating the emotions that you are feeling right now, to find a balance again and, therefore, fall in love with your learning again.

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