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What is the bumper case and advantages does it has for your mobile?

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What is the bumper case and advantages does it has for your mobile?

A bumper case is a type of mobile phone case that protects the back and sides of the phone up to the screen with a raised edge design. Bumper cases are usually made of soft rubber or similar materials (TPU) and help prevent smartphone screens and corners from shattering if dropped on the ground.

As smartphone designs have evolved, cases have evolved with them. And it is that at the beginning, while the screens barely occupied a small part of the phone, today they not only occupy the entirety or a large percentage of the entire front, but many even cover the edges of the phone. Know more about barbecue mat.

Among all the phone cases that we can find, the bumper cases have taken a special role. Especially since 2010 with the launch of the iPhone 4, when Apple introduced its first Bumper case (virtually the best-selling case model in history).

Silicone or TPU bumper cases

Most of the bumper cases that we can find on the internet or in stores are made of different types of plastics. From the hardest to the most flexible such as silicone, it is normal to find the term “TPU” (thermoplastic polyurethane) among the manufacturing materials.

Among all these materials, the only difference will be in the touch they have , since the qualities to stop the impacts against any surface will be the same. In short, there are a large number of bumper case designs and many of these combine plastics with other materials, or with other types of plastics, to offer a good level of protection to your mobile. You might be interested in sushi bazooka.

And it is that the special thing about bumper covers (or bumper covers) is that they fit the edge of the phone protruding above it , preventing the screen from coming into contact with flat surfaces when resting on it. This means that if the phone falls flat with the screen facing down, it probably won’t be damaged. Like if it falls on its side hitting the ground with one of its corners.

The best brands of bumper covers

As much as you look for the best bumper cases on the market, the reality is that there are hardly any differences between a €10 one and a €25 one. And it is that in the end, it saved the aesthetic design of each one, the colors or if it has some kind of rough area to grip it better, they are all the same. You can buy an official case if you want, but any good value case will do. So, search for phone cases on Cash Converters, you will be able to find super cheap official cases .

The important thing is that the bumper case you buy is compatible with your mobile phone and that it is thick enough to cover not only the edges of your screen, but also that there is at least one millimeter between the height of the edge of the case and your screen. This will prevent it from breaking if it falls head-on to the ground. Learn more about the sushi bazooka kit.

If you don’t want to get too bogged down, here are some of the best (or at least reliable) brands that you can easily find online.

  • RhinoShield
  • Spigen
  • i-Blason
  • JETech
  • Ringke
  • Casetify
  • Raptic
  • ESR

Frequently asked questions about bumper cases

Surely you still have some questions about bumper cases, so to save you time, we have collected some of the most common ones and answered them below.

What is better a bumper case or a full case?

Despite the fact that bumper cases are very complete and represent the majority of current cases, the reality is that they offer less protection than a full-length case . Although the millimetric edges of a bumper cover prevent the screen from having direct contact with the ground in the event of a fall, if it hits something that protrudes, you better have tempered glass.

Is it necessary to have a tempered glass with the bumper?

If you are going to buy a bumper case for your smartphone, we suggest you buy one, since the phone will not always fall on its side against the ground. Do not think badly, the bumper case offers enough protection for daily use, but spending a few more euros on tempered glass to protect a smartphone worth hundreds of euros is not too much .

Is it worth buying a bumper case?

The short answer is yes. Just a few millimeters thick, bumper cases can protect your phone from falls of up to one or two meters to the ground. And the good thing about these types of covers is that they do not hide too much the design of the phone as if they would do other types of more comprehensive covers. In addition, there are a thousand shapes and colors to choose from.

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