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What car brands are World?

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Spain has been a pioneering country in the automobile industry and proof of this are the mythical car brands that have come out of our factories. Do you want to know what they are? We do a review.

Spain was a pioneer country in the automobile industry. In fact, one of the first Spanish car brands was La Cuadra, which was in force between 1898 and 1902. Know more about Hyundai ne shitje.

At the beginning of the 20th century, up to a dozen Spanish companies operated in our country that, in the middle of it, ended up disappearing, such as the well-remembered Hispano Suiza brand , however, it has been reborn in 2019 and manufactures an electric model, Carmen , inspired by the line that its vehicles presented in 1930.

But not only in the past. At present, the Spanish initiatives in the automotive sector are numerous and among the most important Spanish car brands we can mention Seat, DSD Design & Motorsport, Spania GTA, AD Tramontana, URO, Hurtan…

Spanish car brands


Seat is the Spanish company that has the greatest potential for mass production and the ability to develop its own models. Its name is an abbreviation for the Spanish Society of Tourism Cars. It was founded in 1950 by the National Institute of Industry (INI) and six Spanish banks with the assistance of FIAT.

The first model of the brand , the SEAT 1400 , was manufactured under a FIAT license in 1953. Later, among the models produced in the 1960s, we have the 850, 1500, 124 and, of course, the beloved and unforgettable Seat 600.

In 1968, vehicle production reached one million units. In 2003, it increased to more than 14 million.

Currently, it is part of the German car company Volkswagen , which bought all the shares of SEAT in 1990.

Its most recognized current models are, among others, the SEAT Ibiza, the SEAT León, the SEAT Toledo and the SEAT Arona.

DSD Design & Motorsport

This company from Alicante has specialized in luxury super sports cars . Its Boreas model is a hybrid with 1,000 hp, which can reach 400 km/h and travel up to 100 kilometers in 100 percent electric mode. The model, of which there are only twelve units , is practically made to order.

They’ve also been promoting a next-generation SUV called the Golem, which has yet to go on sale.


The company Atelier Tramontana, based in Barcelona, ​​was founded in 1995. It is dedicated to the manufacture of exclusive and personalized sports vehicles at the request of the client , with prices of around half a million euros per model.

It produces only 12 units a year . Its assembly is entirely by hand and the perfection of the details is guaranteed. The design of its models is inspired by Formula 1 cars and fighter planes using the latest technology materials.

Since 2016, some of its clients are located in the state of Florida (United States).

Spania GTA

The Spania GTA company, founded in 2005 and based in Valencia, is dedicated to the design and manufacture of luxury sports cars . After Seat, it is perhaps one of the most outstanding Spanish car brands . Since 2007, it has been producing the GTA Spano , a high-class car, famous for its beauty and quality. In its manufacture, made entirely by hand, materials such as carbon fiber or titanium are used. The production of the GTA Spano is practically made to order, since very few units are produced per year.

Its fantastic appearance has been the reason that the video game industry has included it in numerous titles.


This company from Granada, created at the beginning of the 1990s, is characterized by the development and creation of classic-line luxury cars. Its vehicles are designed with the aesthetics and elegance typical of traditional cars from the middle of the last century , but with the features of modern automobiles . Being an artisan production, made entirely by hand and in which every detail is taken care of, these cars are distinguished by their exceptional and unique quality.

Its best-known models are the Hurtan Albaycín , with a very British line, and the Hurtan Author, a luxurious four-seater convertible that takes you back to the fifties of the last century.

UROVESA (URO Special Vehicles SA)

This company, founded in Santiago de Compostela in 1981, aims to manufacture SUVs and trucks under the URO brand . Its professional models with 4×4 traction are well known outside of Spain, both in the military and civil spheres, for forestry, police and fire departments. It is present in more than 20 countries in Europe and in some of Latin America.

Its star vehicle is the Vamtac (High Mobility Tactical Vehicle), conceived for military use, which can circulate on any surface. In addition, it can be operated remotely by remote control and withstand explosions, which is very interesting for conducting reconnaissance raids, thus avoiding any risk to the troops.

For civilian use, the best known model is its great Vamtac S3, very similar to a Hummer.

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