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The Russians need a visa for Sweden: the necessary documents,

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The Russians need a visa for Sweden: the necessary documents,

Stretching along the Scandinavian Peninsula, Sweden offers tourists a wide range of attractions and entertainment. This is the charm of the Swedish north with icy hotels, sleigh rides and castles in the southern region of Skåne. And in Sweden, ethnic festivals are held on a large scale, allowing visitors to appreciate people’s identities. No less interesting are the beauties of Stockholm, which Newsweek called the Internet capital of Europe.

Lovers of getting to know other countries through their cuisine will not remain indifferent to freshly marinated salmon, various meatballs and other culinary delights. Plus, only here can you try a real buffet. Know more about Ulcinj.

Sweden is a member of the European Union

Russians go to Sweden not only to have fun, but also to work or study. Here they are attracted by the high standard of living and salaries and quality education. In addition, some universities provide scholarships to talented foreign students.

1. Do Russians need a visa for Sweden 2019

Whatever purpose Russians do not go to Sweden for, they must obtain a visa or residence permit. The Swedes have worked out this procedure quite well, so there are no problems with proper paperwork.

2. Main types of visas

A short-term visit to Sweden is possible with a Schengen visa. It can have a allowed period of 1 to 90 days within half a year (180 days), allow one or an unlimited number of entries. A Schengen visa for Sweden is issued for a maximum of 5 years.

Swedes grant Schengen visa for:

  • business trips;
  • visiting friends, relatives;
  • tourism.

You can stay in Sweden for more than 90 days if you have a temporary residence permit or a Swedish national D visa.

Temporary residence permit is issued for a period of 3 months to one year. Requests for this are sent for inspection to the Swedish Migration Service.

The Swedish national visa is also issued for up to 12 months in special cases. For example, if there is a need to travel frequently on business to Sweden or to visit relatives. Unlike a residence permit, a D visa only allows you to visit Sweden, not life here.

3. How much does a visa for Sweden in 2019 cost?

The cost of a Swedish visa consists primarily of a consular fee. It depends on the type of visa required.

The consular fee of the Swedish Embassy for Russians is from January 1, 2018:

  • 35 € (2400 rubles) for a Schengen visa;
  • 70 € (4800 rubles) for emergency Schengen;
  • 60 € (4100 rubles) for national visa D;
  • 1000 SEK (7100 RUB) for adults and 500 SEK (3500 RUB) for children for a residence permit;
  • 2000 SEK (14300 RUB) for a work permit.

In addition to the consular fee, visitors to visa centers pay a service fee of 21 € (1440 rubles).

All fees are paid in rubles and are non-refundable. The Swedes convert the equivalent in rubles when the euro exchange rate fluctuates.

4. How to apply for a visa for Sweden on your own

4.1 Via the Visa Application Center

In order to simplify the process of applying for a Swedish visa and make it more accessible, the Embassy of Sweden has selected VfsGlobal as its intermediary. Its visa centers are located in major cities of Russia. Admission to them is done without prior notice.

The EC visa application process includes:

  • providing documents;
  • submission of biometric data;
  • payment of consular, service fees.

In addition, the EC offers filling out questionnaires for 300 rubles, photography for 200 rubles. and other services.

EC staff do not make visa decisions. They only collect data, transfer it to the Swedish embassy and issue a passport returned from Moscow.

4.2 Through the Embassy

You can submit the documents directly to the Swedish Embassy by booking in advance the time of the visit through the call center of the Swedish VfsGlobal EC. The time for accepting visa documents is limited, so the Swedes recommend that applicants for Schengen visas contact the EC.

Only the embassy can apply for a visa:

  1. emergency Schengen visa for 1 day (only if there are serious reasons and supporting documents);
  2. long-term (national D, residence permit).

Consulate General of Sweden in St. Petersburg does not accept visa documents. Residents of Karelia have the opportunity to apply for a Swedish visa at the Consulate General of Finland in Petrozavodsk.

You must come to the embassy in person at the agreed time with a completed application form, a full package of supporting documents and the amount of the consular fee in rubles. You must pass the biometrics for the VIS system directly at the diplomatic institution, if the data have not been previously submitted for the Schengen visa of another country. After all the procedures, it remains to wait for the decision of the Swedish visa officer.

4.3 Online

Young people who want to study in Sweden are encouraged to apply for a temporary residence permit online. The consular fee is paid by credit card. It is also suggested that Russians apply for a work permit in Sweden online. Online applications go immediately to the Migration Service, and such visa processing becomes a priority.

While you are waiting for an answer or not, you will have to come to the Swedish embassy with your passport, which is indicated in the online application. This is required for the submission of biometric data (they will be displayed on the residence permit card).

5. Visa questionnaire for Sweden

The Swedish Schengen visa application can be completed in English or Swedish. You must come to the embassy with the application form already filled in, and you can order it from the EC.

The temporary residence application form is also available in Swedish and English. But for a national category D visa, the embassy offers a questionnaire in English only.

The situation is more complicated with work permit questionnaires. The Swedes have developed several patterns for different professions and different categories of candidates.

6. Visa documents for Sweden: 2019 census

The website of the Swedish Embassy contains a list of required documents and depends on the purpose of the trip. At the same time, it is further stipulated that their translation into Swedish or English will speed up the time for visa applications to be considered by visa officers.

Mandatory documents for obtaining a visa for Sweden 2019:

  1. question mark;
  2. Photography;
  3. consular fee in cash ( strictly equal amount, no change );
  4. health insurance (minimum 30 thousand euros);
  5. confirmation of the availability of funds (on average 450 kroner per person per day) with assistance, a letter of sponsorship, etc .;
  6. internal passport (original, copy).

Applicants for long-stay visas must add:

  1. “Family data” (special application form for the questionnaire in Swedish or English);
  2. a copy of the passport;
  3. a copy of the return ticket.

Medical insurance for long-term visas is not required. Only purchase is recommended.

For Swedish diplomats, the same requirements are common to all Schengen countries. The photo must be newer (less than 6 months), size 35×45 mm, color, transparent, without damage and retouching.

6.2 Visa documents for children

The package of documents for a visa for a minor has a number of differences. Thus, the questionnaire is signed not personally, but by legal representatives (parents, guardians). Also, for children under 14, instead of an internal passport, a birth certificate is provided. Traditionally, a notarized exit permit is required if children cross the border without one / both parents.

Swedes have a special application for a residence permit for persons under 18 years of age. It can be downloaded in English or Swedish from the Migration Board’s website.

6.3 Additional documents for different types of visas

A residence permit to study in Sweden is only possible if you have proof of enrollment in full-time education. You will also need proof of at least 8,000 kroner for 1 month to live in Swedish territory and a comprehensive health insurance policy.

For a Swedish Schengen visa for different purposes of the visit, you must ensure:

  • hotel reservation, ticket as a confirmation of the route for tourists;
  • invitation of the host company for businessmen, individual entrepreneurs;
  • certificate of courses for short-term studies, internship;
  • written request of the host, confirmation of his solvency for the visitor visa

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