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The most expensive gold watches in the world

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The most expensive gold watches in the world

These are the most exciting, exclusive, extravagant and expensive gold watches in the world. Multi-million dollar creations destined to end up in private collections, if not in museums, and some have sold for more than 26 million dollars.

When we talk about the most expensive gold watches in the world, we refer more to a status symbol than to an accessory or a practical watch. Not surprisingly, there are several jewelry and watch brands whose goal is to manufacture the most expensive and most radically designed watches today, especially for men. Know more about floor lamps.

But why gold and not another material? The gold watch is one of the most popular watch types among men and is worn for both its practicality and opulence. Although, none of us can afford to buy the most expensive gold watch models in the world if we can get our hands on different second-hand gold watches at a very good price.

The list of the most expensive gold watches in the world

From wrist watches to pocket models, all made with some kind of gold and some even with so many diamonds that they look like luxury jewelry. You may not be able to afford any of them right now, but what’s wrong with dreaming of the most expensive gold watches in the world? You might be interested in a desk lamp.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

If you’re going to spend $31 million on one of the world’s most expensive gold watches, it’s a bonus to know that with the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chimese you’re buying two watches for the price of one. This is possible thanks to the fact that the design of this watch has two spheres, one on the front and one on the back.

In fact, this is the most expensive Patek watch ever sold, the Grandmaster Chime features 20 different counters, including five different chimes, an audible alarm, and a date repeater. The two dials of this watch are made of blue and gold opaline, in addition to having solid 18-carat gold plates in its structure . Otherwise, the case is white gold and the strap is navy blue alligator leather, making this watch one of the most expensive in the world.

Breguet Grand Complication Marie Antoinette

The next most expensive gold watch in the world is not exactly for men. And it is that legend has it that the Breguet Gran Complication was originally commissioned for the emblematic French queen Marie Antoinette , by one of her lovers. The manufacture of this gold watch took around 40 years and the pity was that the queen was executed before she could see the finished watch, which only increased the romance, the enigma and of course the economic value of this historical clock.

For more than 30 million dollars to whoever wants to buy it, this watch is made of gold and includes all the features that existed at the time such as a perpetual calendar and a thermometer. Learn more about the reading lamp.

Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super Complication

Originally made in 1933, the Patek Philippe is another of the world’s most expensive gold watches, albeit this time in a pocket design. After seven years of painstaking work, the watch was originally made for Henry Graves, a wealthy American banker at the time, and is currently auctioned for $26 million .

In the case of a banker, its impressive range of mechanisms includes a perpetual calendar, a minute repeater system with Westminster Chimes, an indicator with the times of sunrise and sunset and, as a final detail, a celestial chart based on the night sky as it is. as seen from Graves’ home in New York.

Patek Philippe Gobbi Milan ‘Heures Universelles’

The next most expensive gold watch in the world is also from Patek Philippe, although this one is considerably cheaper than the previous ones. At $9 million , the Heures Universelles is proof of Patek Philippe’s ability to craft luxury watches for collectors.

The careful design of this watch has a central blue enamel dial contrasted with a stunning 18 karat rose gold case . In terms of its ability to tell the time, this watch features the world famous Heures Universelles system, patented back in 1930 and still a reference standard today.

Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle

We’ve lowered the bar a bit on our list of the most expensive gold watches in the world to show you a slightly more affordable model compared to the previous ones. We’re talking about Tour de I’lle, a complicated $1.5 million wristwatch made by Swiss watch designers Vacheron Constantin.

Constructed of exclusive 18-carat gold of the highest quality, this watch features a double-sided anti-reflective blue sapphire crystal as the centerpiece of its design. One of the most curious details of this piece is that it was made to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the company , perhaps with the aim that no one could doubt the skill of these watchmakers.

Hublot Black Caviar Bang

For two thirds of what the previous watch would cost us, the Hublot Black Caviar Ban is another of the most expensive gold watches in the world. Priced at $1 million , this most current watch made in 2009 as a limited edition stands out from the rest of this list for its deep black color.

And it is that this color is due to the fact that the watch is covered with around 501 pure black baguette-cut diamonds on an 18-carat gold body (an essential requirement to be on this list).

Brequet pocket watch 1970 BA/12

And finally! For less than one million euros we present the Brequet 1970 pocket watch, which, despite being one of the most expensive gold watches in the world, cannot be compared in price with the models that top this list.

With an “exceptional” price of $734,000, this 18-karat gold pocket watch stands out for a series of characteristic hand-engraved designs that decorate the entire piece, which is topped by an intricately carved silver dial.

Zenith Christopher Columbus

We continue to go down the list in terms of prices and the Zenith Christopher Columbus Cross is priced at around $230,000. This is a watch with much less history than other models on the list, although it is part of a limited edition series, you may have seen a Hollywood celebrity or a footballer wearing it at an event.

This gold watch comes with a built-in navigational compass inside a glass bubble. Its elegant, unique and very classy design stands out for offering a refreshing and current style for the wealthiest class.

other luxury gold watches

When we go down from half a million dollars we can no longer talk about the most expensive gold watches in the world. But this does not mean that we cannot make a mention of other luxury gold watch models , which although they do not reach the astronomical figures mentioned above, they deserve a place on our list. We are talking about the following watches:

  • Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon for: $116,195
  • Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold for: $43,600
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad for $36,630
  • Rolex GMT Master II for $33,250
  • Bvlgari Diagono Chronograph for $16,900

And so far our review of the most expensive gold watches in the world and their most outstanding features. We hope we have amazed you with their designs and that with that inspiration in mind, you will find some more affordable and sustainable ones in our store. Until next time!

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