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New Dacia Jogger, with modular seats

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New Dacia Jogger, with modular seats

The new Dacia Jogger is a compact family crossover with up to 3 rows of seats and 7 seats, fully modular. A low cost that includes an affordable hybrid.

It was last September when Dacia presented its new Dacia Jogger family model with up to 7 seats , which will replace the Dacia Lodgy in some time, bringing modernity, freshness and greater versatility. Know more about Mitsubishi ne shitje.

Its new concept format is a crossover , mixing the aesthetics of a higher SUV (with its 20 cm of ground clearance) with a classic Station Wagon family, thanks to its highly reinforced wheel arches and modular roof bars. cross shape.

Aesthetics and very special dimensions

The new Jogger is a design that brings together many of the brand’s current features in its latest launches, such as its ribbed hood, the family grille, the wheels and bumpers from the Stepway version of the jacket, and its LED headlamps with a light signature in “Y” shape.

The third window with compass opening that has been added to the bodywork and that improves rear visibility for maneuvers, as well as the modular rails that it includes on its roof, is striking .

The rear shows some very striking new vertical pilots that recall some features of Volvo in its family vehicles, with a cubic gate and a bumper that couples the lower trim that simulates being a skid plate.

It has been built on the platform of the CMF-B group that was already used by the new Sandero and the Logan, but lengthening its wheelbase by up to 30 cm (2.9 m). Thanks to this intervention, the Jogger can have up to 3 rows of seats and 7 seats (2+3+2 configuration), with its total length of 4.55 m (1.78 m wide and 1.63 m high ). In this way, its dimensions are maximum within its category as a compact with short overhangs.

DACIA JOGGER length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
  4.55 1.78 1.63 2.90 708 – 1,819

The boot capacity varies depending on the configuration in 2 or three rows of seats. In the variant with 5 seats , the capacity is 708 liters (842 with the upper part of the backrest of the seats), while in the variant with 3 rows of seats this parameter is 160 and 213 liters, expandable up to 565 and 732 liters if the third row of seats is folded down. With the second row folded down and without the third row, the capacity is extended to 1,819 litres . In any case, the trunk has a 12V socket and several rings to secure the load.

An interior of maximum habitability and highly technical

This is the most important point of the Jogger, since its cubic shape gives it great interior roominess , which is also supported by modular, folding and tilting seats , both in the second and third rows, allowing the transport of people and cargo. .

The space for the legs of the second row is more than remarkable (18.1 cm), although somewhat less in the third, with the longitudinal adjustment of the front seats exclusively.

The interior width is also high (1.40 and 1.37 m for the shoulders), with a free height to the roof of a large minivan that by row is 92.3 cm, 91 cm and 85.5 cm, since the rows of seats rise towards the back.

In addition, the interior is already very modernized , with:

  • Height-adjustable driver’s seat and, optionally, heated (as well as the passenger’s)
  • electric parking brake
  • blind spot detector
  • Hands-free ignition key (by card)
  • Very modern dashboard (same as Sandero/Logan family)
  • 8″ touch screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility (  Media Display equipment )
  • Top-of-the-range  Media Nav multimedia system , which incorporates:
    • Increased number of speakers for the stereo
    • rear camera
    • wireless connectivity
    • browser
    • USB sockets (2)
  • Multifunction steering wheel with depth and height adjustment

Multiple powertrain options and an affordable hybrid

It was in 2004 when Renault began the relaunch of the Romanian brand Dacia with a “Low Cost” positioning and a great quality-price ratio unmatched in the market. Now, almost 18 years later, Dacia offers its first hybrid model (not plug-in) with the Dacia Jogger, using the technology of the Renault Clio and Captur E-Tech, but claiming to be the most affordable on the market .

At the moment, under the hood of the Jogger there will be 3 available engines:

  • TCEe 110 MT6 (new), one-liter three-cylinder petrol with 110 hp and a torque of 20.4 mkg at 2,900 rpm. It is a very modern engine with variable distribution and particulate filter and a very efficient 6-speed manual gearbox to get the most out of the engine.
  • LPG Eco G100 , this bi-fuel variant will arrive at the same time as the previous one, with an ECO label and a 50-liter gasoline tank and another 40-liter liquefied petroleum gas -LPG- (in place of the spare wheel) , extending the total autonomy up to 1,000 km . It uses the same three-cylinder 1.0 TCe with power lowered to 101 hp and a 6-speed manual gearbox and very low CO2 emissions.
  • Hybrid HEV 140 , which will make its appearance a little later than the previous ones, with a Nissan 4-cylinder 1.6-liter gasoline engine and 91 CV and two electric motors (traction with 49 CV and starter motor with 20 CV), achieving a power combined total of 140 hp , powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.2 kW/h at 230 V. The change is automatic with teeth (“crabots”) and without a clutch , always starting in electric mode and with a consumption expected 5 litres/100 km.

This new Dacia Jogger will be marketed in February 2022 , although orders are already being accepted from November 2021 and will have a starting price of around €15,000 (depending on the different markets in which it will be sold).

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