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Meaning Of The Name Tiago Origin, Numerology & Popularity

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Meaning Of The Name Tiago Origin, Numerology & Popularity

According to the meaning of his name, Tiago is a gift, for this reason many people choose it as the name for their children. Selecting a good name is not always easy, since they tend to be original, beautiful and, in turn, have an appropriate emotional meaning for the baby. For this reason, in this article, you will find all kinds of names, with their meanings and origins, so you can choose the one that best suits your expectations. On this occasion, we are talking about the name Tiago, of biblical origin and with a great personality. If you want to know more about the meaning of the name Tiago , keep reading! Tiago is a boy’s name .

What does Tiago mean?

The name Tiago means ” God will reward us ” because its origin is biblical, although there are also theories that support that its meaning is “God’s award”. In both cases, the name is related to the offering, the gift that God offers to his disciples and followers. Learn more about Samuel meaning name.

Origin of the name Tiago

As we said in the previous section, the origin of the name Tiago is biblical . Tiago is a variant of Santiago and, in turn, the Portuguese translation of Diego. Likewise, both Santiago and Diego are variants of the name of Hebrew origin Ya’kov (Jacobo). James was the name used to designate two of the apostles of Jesus Christ, known to us as James the Less and James the Greater. For all these reasons, the origin and meaning of all these names are so closely related and are widely used in the Bible.

Diminutives and variations of the name Tiago

The most widespread variant of Tiago is that of Thiago . As for their diminutives, none are known.

The name Tiago in other languages

  • Spanish : Diego or Santiago
  • Catalan : Dídac
  • English : James

Personality of the name Tiago

Tiago is a very restless, active and curious man , who loves to learn and can’t stand feeling stuck. For this reason, he usually likes art, sports and culture. Likewise, men with this name are usually intelligent, self-confident and somewhat arrogant.

In love , Tiago is sensitive, affectionate and sentimental. He seeks security in the couple and trust from him, that is why he is not willing to start a serious relationship with anyone.

At work , Tiago is a dedicated, constant and serious man, who makes decisions and assumes responsibilities without any problem. In addition, he works well in a team although, given the choice, he prefers to start his own business and work alone.

In family and friendship , Tiago is equally responsible and protective. Since he can’t be in one place for a long time, he loves to organize family getaways or outings with friends.

Celebrities with the name Tiago

  • Thiago Silva : Brazilian soccer player.
  • Tiago Mendes : Portuguese former soccer player.
  • Tiago Monteiro : Portuguese racing driver.
  • Tiago Ferreira – Portuguese cyclist whose full name is Tiago Jorge de Oliveira Ferreira.
  • Thiago Fragoso : Brazilian actor and singer.

Saint James’s Day

Tiago’s saint’s day is celebrated on January 20 .

Numerology of the name Tiago

The number of the name Tiago is 7 .

Popularity of the first name Tiago

Tiago is a name that began to gain popularity in the early 2000s in Spain. Thus, as the National Institute of Statistics shows us, there are a total of 1,469 men with this name, with an average age of 10 years.

The cities in which the name Tiago is most popular are:

  • Ourense
  • Pontevedra
  • A Coruña
  • Lugo

Although in Spain it is still not considered one of the most popular names, in Brazil it is a widely used name.

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