April 11, 2024


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How to improve academic performance?

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How to improve academic performance?

“I spend a lot of time studying, but it doesn’t work for me”, “I have so much to study… and so little time…”. Are any of these phrases familiar to you? If so, keep reading…

These days we have our agenda full of classes, activities, group work, evaluation tests, virtual meetings, homework, etc., and it seems that we are running out of time. Having trouble getting organized?

Achieving our goals is possible if we go match by match, setting goals for ourselves every day. Achieving small milestones produces an injection of self-esteem and positive energy that helps us move forward. To keep it up over time, it is important to organize yourself well, to know how to distinguish which tasks are important and must be carried out immediately, and which ones are not,  and from there, every day be able to advance in our personal and professional goals.

In addition, it is key to keep time thieves at bay, especially not to be aware of notifications from your mobile device, or surf the Internet when you are studying. Remember that with each interruption it takes, on average, 15 minutes to regain concentration . Check out more articles on our stie SM Blog.

You can further improve your performance if you use study techniques correctly. For example, knowing how to prepare a good summary, without mixing main concepts with secondary ones, or properly structure ideas when we make an outline. Knowing how to choose the one that suits you best, according to your way of studying and your learning style, is also important.

Improving your academic performance is within your reach. 

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