June 12, 2024


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Exercises to get back to running progressively

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Exercises to get back to running progressively

After 50 days in which we have not even been able to walk continuously, the excess of motivation after opening the doors of our houses to be able to do physical exercise is dangerous if we do not rationalize it. In this video we are going to see a possible strategy for this start and some running technique exercises that will help us gradually return to activity, thus avoiding unexpected injuries.

Now there are no levels, in the end we all start from scratch, it’s been 50 days in which we haven’t even walked continuously.

This is not the time to look for limits, or old rhythms, avoid thinking about comparisons of the past. Check out more articles on our stie SM Blog.

The tendons, the joints, the nervous system, the musculature, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems have to gradually recover, get used to and adapt.

One strategy to get started is as follows:

  • Between 5′ and 10′ of warm-up walking at a progressive pace in which we are aware of the posture with the back straight and activating the arm movement.
  • Later we will do series in which we will alternate running and walking , the first 30” running and the next 30” walking. After a series of less than 1′ of running in which we will concentrate on running well and 30” walking at a good pace.
  • To finish the main part you can jog lightly for 1’30” and walk for 1′
  • The return to calm will be around 10′ walking

The first week our training will not exceed half an hour and we will carry it out on alternate days.

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