June 14, 2024


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e.Go Mobile – a small electrical revolution is coming from Germany

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e.Go Mobile - a small electrical revolution is coming from Germany

The German company e.Go Mobile, which is known to the general public for the production of electric delivery vehicles for the German post office, plans to introduce a series of affordable electric cars to the market …

First, a car similar to the Smart model will arrive on the market, with a maximum weight of 900 kilograms. The main features of this vehicle are simple design, modest equipment and affordable price, which will be difficult for large European companies to compete with.

E.Go Mobile’s entry-level model will be Life and will be available in three specifications, which differ in power and autonomy. The Life 20 version has a 20 kW (27 hp) electric motor and 14.9 kWh batteries, which provide 121 kilometers of autonomy. This version will be available at a price of 15,900 euros. Interesting topic to know more about polovni automobili.

The Life 40 is powered by a 40 kW electric motor (54 hp), which draws energy from 17.9 kWh batteries, which is enough to cover 142 kilometers. Its price is 17,400 euros. The TOP version is the Life 60 with a maximum power of 60 kW (81 hp), which with the help of batteries with a capacity of 23.9 kWh can cover 184 kilometers. This version will cost 19,900 euros.

The most powerful version is capable of reaching a maximum of 152 km / h. Battery charging time via a conventional outlet is 5.4 to 9.8 hours, depending on the version.

e.Go Mobile claims that they have already received 3200 pre-orders, but given the plans to start production, this possibility is paused. Production will begin in March 2019 in Aachen, and the first customers will arrive a month later. The plan is that by 2022, the production of this interesting car will reach the level of 100,000 pieces per year.

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