July 12, 2024


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Balance with sun salutations: body balance

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Balance with sun salutations: body balance

We are going to move the body through exercises and postures that will help keep us strong, flexible and balanced.

We will start this routine by warming up with some salutations to the sun , which we will do between two and four times, depending on the state of fitness and adaptation to this type of work.

Follow up with some posterior chain stretches and stay in the pyramid for as long as you like. Slowly switch to plank position to lengthen your entire body from the balls of your feet to the top of your head. After this exercise, we will slowly lower ourselves to the ground with the strength of the arms and the core strongly activated.

With the cat and the cow we will seek to mobilize our entire column and we will continue working the center with the superman and his variants. Sitting down we will continue with the posterior and lateral chain, trying not to separate the sit bones from the ground and keeping the back as straight as possible. Check out more articles on our stie SM Blog.

Lie down to continue with the movement and stretching of the back and stretch your gluteus and pyramidal muscles to continue with the bridge where we will hold the posture to strengthen the glutes and abdomen.

Finish your session lying on your back, legs and arms slightly apart, eyes closed and free your mind by trying to think only of your breathing.


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