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20 original girl names that begin with the letter J

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20 original girl names that begin with the letter J

There are those who are very clear that the baby is going to bear the name of the mother, grandmother or mother-in-law, who keep alive the tradition of baptizing the newborn with the name of the saint of the day, and those who, directly They do not have the remotest idea until the moment of registering the girl in the civil registry what her name will be.

If you are in that brainstorming phase in which you write down any idea in your mental notebook of possible names for your son, nephew or grandson, but you are very clear that you would love his initial to be the letter J , here are some options of original girl’s name that start with J.

  • Jamelia : comes from Arabic and means “beauty”.
  • Jamila : of Arabic origin means “beautiful”.
  • Jana : it is a diminutive of Juana.
  • Janne – is the variant of John and is of Dutch origin.
  • Jara : is of Hebrew origin and means “sweet”.
  • Jasmine : it is of Arabic origin and refers to the flower that bears its name.
  • Jeanette – is the French version of the Hebrew name Yochanan.
  • Jemma : from the Italian origen signified “precious gem”.
  • Jenesis : is of Greek origin and means “beginning”.
  • Jennifer : is of Welsh origin and means “she of the luminous spirit”.
  • Jessica : She is of Hebrew origin and first appeared in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.
  • Jimae : of Hebrew origin means to listen.
  • Jimena : of Basque origin, it means “mountain beast”.
  • Joana : means “full of grace” and comes from the Hebrew Jane.
  • Journey : is of English origin and refers to “traveler”.
  • Josune : is of Basque origin and would be the equivalent of Jesusa.
  • Judith : comes from the Hebrew and means “the chosen one”.
  • Julia : of Latin origin means “she who is consecrated to Jupiter”.
  • Juliet : is a variant of Julia.
  • Juncal : of Latin origin it refers to a place full of reeds.

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